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Body, Mind & Soul Alignment

April 5-7, 2019 in carlsbad, CA

Welcome to the Rebellion

Our mission is to you bring you the best tools to align your system to aid in healing.

This is a progressive, intensive retreat. It is the perfect way to get you from the point you are right now to a place where you feel renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated, and reorganized… and you will learn how to keep the progress going the direction you want.

Aligning mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally on a day-to-day basis so you don’t feel overwhelmed by life and instead enjoy its simple pleasures.

Clear and connecting with your soul through simple MindRewire Processes and techniques taught by our sacred rebel leaders Christy Mattoon, Jill Fleming and Zarina Zertuche.

Enjoy and benefit from clearing, energy healing, resetting meditations, and yoga practices.

Becoming your own pendulum and knowing intuitively what food, supplements, people, books, and teachers are right for you.

Connect with our Earth, ground in, and feel the joy of being ALIVE! More than just grounding – learn to be the nature and feel the healing vibrations inside you.

By the end of the retreat, we will take you to the next level because it’s YOUR TIME!

Lunch on Day 1 and Day 2 are included in the ticket price, however accomodations are not included. Please see the Detail Page for more information.


Learn to not be overwhelmed by life, but instead, enjoy its’ simple pleasures.

Clear & Connect

… with your soul through simple MindRewire processes and techniques.

Clearing & Healing

Enjoy and benefit from clearing, energy healing, resetting meditations, and yoga practices.


… your own pendulum and knowing intuitively what food, supplements, people, books, and teachers are right for you.

Perhaps you feel…

Frustrated … Misunderstood …Disconnected … Scared

Frustrated because you’re quietly punishing yourself for the choices of your past and can’t move forward.

Misunderstood, you want to feel confident, but inside you don’t trust or have faith in who you are or what you are doing.

Disconnected from joy and can’t seem to tap into your playfulness because of the overwhelming demands of life, and frustrations that may make no sense.

Scared of judgment and rejection, afraid of letting the true you show up in your life.

Resistant to taking action and listening to your intuition because you fear the unknown and change.

Sabotage the good things that do show up, because you don’t really believe you deserve them

Comfortable staying in your shell where you have hidden and protected yourself even while it causes you pain.

Are you ready to bust out??

Together we will

Release the emotions that keep you locked in the past. We will stop the worry, doubt, and anxiety and step into your personal power and peace of mind.

Tap into your true feelings and begin a process to lock it into your subconscious so that it becomes your NEW YOU!

Release self-judgment, comparison, care-taking, self-doubt, sabotage, anger, frustration and love yourself truly, madly, and deeply be in awe of nature and in the glory of creation.

Move through the discomfort of sharing the real you. We will practice saying words that truly describe who you are and implant them into your subconscious thinking so that you never forget the real you.

Step out of fear and freely choose what you really want to do. And, be available with an open curiosity to allow it to change-participate in surrender to release the spirit to become more than you have ever dreamed…

Create space in your body and harness positive energy to be authentically you, and become Super Naturally.

If you are searching for your soul tribe, who will understand and support you, this retreat is for YOU!

Sacred Rebels Healing Retreat is a life-changing retreat for committed spiritual human beings ready to live authentically. The retreat gives you experiential evidence that you will never forget and you will have of a lifetime to practice, process, connect, explore and become who you really are.

We believe in experiential evidence.

We want you to FEEL, SEE and KNOW your difference.

During this weekend retreat we will be :

1. Learning and participating in live clearing session both individual and group.

2. Doing active meditation to activate, clear and change the state of your being.

3. Discussing our personal experiences and understanding how and why they are that way.

Our Why

We believe that people are ready to evolve their lives, families, and relationships into something great.

We believe that people are more open to creating conscious change than ever before.

We believe that these people can lead the way for improved  engagement, creativity, and passion — and, ultimately, increased interpersonal results as well as within their community

We believe that all true change can only happen from the inside out.

We believe our passionate team of Sacred Rebel Healers can guide you through transformational change.

We believe that conscious people can transform our world.

Grab your tickets now- seats are limited to 50, and when this fills up you will be put on a waiting list for the next retreat.

Grab your tickets now – seats are limited to 50.